Friday, July 11, 2014

Marc aka "Trigger" and Pepper Spray

Just to give you all a little taste of what a Marine is capable of pushing through, This is Marc aka "Trigger" from the Airsoft Ikaika Warriors going through his testing for,
 "Armed Security and Asset Protection." 
That also isn't your over-the-counter rape deterrent that he is being sprayed with but industrial strength OC - Pepper spray, (oleoresin capsicum)! Not only did he take it full in the face, but he pushed through to fight and arrested the "Suspect"!!!



Padre' out... Warriors on YouTube

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Roy Mini-Milsim First Phase and Padre's blunder....

     Here is the latest Mini-MilSim game that the Airsoft Ikaika Warriors participated in a couple of weekends ago, hosted by The Praetorian Guard, in Roy WA. In the first part of the event, our squad's objective was to set up a position, where, playing the part of the Viet Cong we were to snipe at and "kill" as many of the US Troops that we could, who were going to sweep through the area. As we reached our assigned position, we spread out to a distance of about 20 meters apart so that we would have the best chance of engaging the "enemy." 

     Now one of my pet peeves when setting up any type of ambush is to make sure that you have a clearly planned egress route, (Escape route) so that you can regroup and continue the fight. On this occasion, I had found the perfect hole in the trees and bushes that would keep me hidden and still give me a clear view on three sides. Shortly after settling in, the US Forces came down the trail....(I did not expect that one) and were engaged by two of our squad. I had already taken a pot-shot to distract them as they came close to our squadron leader but when the forward part of our line was taken out, I opened up on the exposed targets at the cost of revealing my location! It was only when I saw that they were pushing forward on my position, that I realized that I had forgotten my own first rule and had boxed myself into the perfect blunder....

Moral of the story...Train, Plan, Execute the Plan as you train!

Padre' out... Warriors on YouTube

Friday, June 6, 2014

D-Day June 6, 1944 - Remember

 We at The Warrior Blog and the Airsoft Ikaika Warriors Give our thanks to those who fought so long ago on this fateful day. Some lived to tell the story to future generations so that we could remember, others stained the land and the sea with their blood. All were true hero's who went into that not knowing whether they would live or die but fought so that freedom could be preserved. As you go through your day, we ask that you take a moment, and give thanks for the freedom that their sacrifice has given you....

It is written in God's Word, "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." John 15:13

We thank them for their service and we honor them this day!

 The following video is the work of a dear friend, and Christian singer, David Harsh. It is a tribute to those who have fought and died for our country. - MUST WATCH!

Padre' out...   The Warriors on YouTube

Monday, May 26, 2014


So for those of you who really know me, it will come to no surprise that I love using Springers. Why? I can answer that question a few ways...

1) They are cheap. Let's face it, how many of you reading this have bought a pistol tried it out and decided that you didn't like one thing or another about it. It could have been the size, the look, the way it works ( mag release, safety etc..) compared to other pistols etc. So you're now out the purchase price or worse especially if you purchased anything with it such as a holster or extra mags. Springers on the other hand are available in many of the same models as their gas powered cousins, but at a fraction of the cost. Also if they break, it doesn't hurt so bad when it comes time to toss them.  With very few exceptions, the most expensive spring pistol you can get will be under $50.00, most can be had for under $25.00, that's less than the purchase of 1 or 2 replacement mags for your gas guns! 

2) They are dependable. When you look at the sale ads for used airsoft guns, you see phrases like "comes with 3 mags, 1 needs a new o-ring", or "with a new slide it will be like new." That little Colt springer of mine it was shooting about 100 fps when I got it, it shoots 108 fps now that it's broken in, it's been 4 years I've been using it and it just continues to get better! The only needed upgrades? I gave it a shot of silicon oil a couple of years ago and yes, I painted it black, so much for high maintenance. 

3) They stretch your abilities. Think about the difference between spring  and gas pistols. There are gas pistols that can go over 500 fps with .20s compared to most springers that shoot under 300fps. Gas pistols shoot over and over with no other action required other than pulling the trigger, some are even full auto capable! Springers require being cocked each and every shot, no more no less, each time. Gas pistols because of their higher power shoot generally much farther and are at varying levels are all upgradable and tunable, with springers you "might" be able to put a stronger spring if you don't destroy it trying!

 Soooo then, how do they "Stretch your abilities?" 

Just as using mid and low caps on your AEG forces you to pick your shots and make them count, you have to be much more selective with your shots, it's no longer "yank the trigger until you get that kill." There IS a certain pleasure to the kill that is made because you took the time to move forward unseen, to set